June 13 to July 4,2015    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Day Date Contents
1 June 13, Saturday Participants Arrive at Calgary

2 June 14, Sunday
Program Orientation

3 June 15, Monday
Classroom Instruction: International Petroleum Industry Overview 
1. World Oil and Gas Reserve, Production and Demand
2. World Petroleum Industry Policies and Regulations
3. Development of Effective Regulatory Framework
4. Canadian Petroleum Industry Introduction including Heavy Oil and Oilsand
5. Emerging Issues in Oil and Gas Development
6. Corporate Social Responsibility

4 June 16, Tuesday
Classroom Instruction: Drilling Technology
1. Horizontal Drilling Technology
2. Directional Drilling Technology
3. Multi Lateral Drilling Technology   
4. Unbalanced Drilling Technology
5. Air Drilling
6. Small Drilling Hole Drilling 

5 June 17, Wednesday
Classroom Instruction: Drilling Technology
7. Well Completion Technology
8. Coil Tubing Technology
9. Oil Based Drilling Fluid Agent
10. Harmless Disposal Agent of Drilling Fluid 
11. Large Drilling Project Management
12. Drilling Tech Development Trend

June 18, Thursday
Classroom Instruction: Low Permeability Oil and Gas Development  Technology – Fracturing Technology
1. Hydraulic Fracturing Technology
2. Simulation and Analysis Technology
3. Multi Zone Horizontal Drilling and Completion Technology
4. Multi Stage Fracturing Technology
5. Reservoir Analysis Technology

June 19, Friday
Classroom Instruction: Low Permeability Oil and Gas Development  Technology – Fracturing Technology
6. Reservoir Enhancement and Mechanism Analysis
7. Reservoir  Enhancement Materials Technology
8. Reservoir Enhancement Processing Technology
9. Fracturing and Acidizing Technology Development Trend
10. Large Fracturing Project Management

8 June 20, Saturday
Industry Visit: Bearspaw Petroleum Corporation Production Site

9 June 21, Sunday
Canadian Rocky Mountain Geological Tour

10 June 22, Monday
Classroom Instruction: Reservoir and EOR Technology including CO2 Injections
1. Reservoir Simulation and Modeling Technology
2. Air and Water Injection Technology
3. Nitrogen Injection Technology

11 June 23, Tuesday
Classroom Instruction: Reservoir and EOR Technology including CO2 Injections
4. Chemical Injection Technology
5. CO2 Injection Technology
6. Other Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology

12 June 24, Wednesday
Classroom Instruction: Production Technology and Management

1. Oil Production Technique Technology
2. Production Water Processing Technology
3. Production Technique and Automation
4. Surface Facility Engineering
5. Storage and Transportation Engineering
6. Production Safety Management
7. Development Plan and Implementation
8. Digital Production Management System

13 June 25, Thursday
Classroom Instruction: Shale Gas Development Technology
1. Unconventional Resources Analysis and Evaluation
2. Unconventional Well Drilling and Completion Technologies
3. Unconventional Oil and Gas Logging Technologies
4. Unconventional Well Testing and Production Technologies
5. Unconventional Oil and Gas Economic Evaluation Technologies

14 June 26, Friday
Industry Visit: Sanjel and National Oil Well

15 June 27, Saturday
Classroom Instruction: Heavy Oil and Oilsand Development Technology
1. Cold Production Technology
2. Water and Air Injection Technology
3. Chemical Injection Technology
4. Steam Injection Technology
5. In Situ Combustion Technology
6. Development Issues including HSE
16 June 28, Sunday
Free Day

17 June 29, Monday
Classroom Instruction : Corporate Planning and Strategic Management
1. Strategic Planning Purpose
2. Strategic Planning Model
3. Strategic Planning Design
4. Strategic Planning Implementation
5. Strategic Planning Control and Evaluation
6. Large Oil Company Organizational Structure
18 June 30, Tuesday
Classroom Instruction: Project Management

1. Project Management Context
2. Project Integration Management
3. Project Scope Management
4. Project Timing Management
5. Project Cost Management
6. Project Quality Management
7. Project Risk Management
8. Project Communication Management
9. Project Procurement Management
10. Project Human Resources Management

19 July 1, Wednesday
Classroom Instruction: International Petroleum Cooperation Model and Project Agreement
1. International Project Cooperation Models Including PSA, Concession and Service Contracts. 
2. International Project Negotiation
3. International Project Contract Development
4. International Project Contract Major Issues
5. International Project Mergers and Acquisition
6. Large E and P Project Tendering and Bidding

20 July 2, Thursday
Classroom Instruction: Multinational Oil Company HR Management System
1. International HR Management and HR Principles
2. Recruitment and Resourcing
3. Remuneration - Pay and Benefits
4. HR Services 
5. Skill Pool Management and Competence Assurance
6. Learning and Leadership Development
7. Diversity and Inclusiveness 
8. Leadership Skills

21 July 3, Friday
Leaving Calgary for Beijing

22 July 4, Saturday
Participants Arrive at Beijing